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Auto Insurance

There are around 228 million licensed drivers in the United States. This number is similarly increasing with the number of registered vehicles in the country. It is estimated that 91% of households have access to a vehicle. With access comes opportunity and unfortunately, accidents occur as we see every day!

 Auto insurance exists to protect drivers from losing their financial assets. It is mandated in almost every state. It is designed to protect you, your car, RV, or other road vehicles you own. It should help you cover the costs that are related to accidents, car repairs, property damage, medical payments, and lost wages.

Coverage rates vary due to several factors such as the state laws and the kind of driver you are. There are several coverage options that you need to ponder before deciding what insurance to get. Browse all our products and choose the right protection for your auto!

Other Insurances

Commercial Insurance

Protect your investment and stay in the business even after a loss. We have a variety of options for all businesses.

Home Insurance

Safekeep your place of refuge. Insurance options include property, general liability, and more.

Life Insurance

Protect your family’s peace of mind. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so protect yourself and your loved ones.

Our Customers

I was very lucky to have Mr. Casey Clem as my insurance agent. He was very professional and not aggressive. He did a great job finding a policy that would work for me. He took into consideration all of my wants and needs in finding the right plan. He came to my home and we were personally able to discuss the different types of insurance and were successful in choosing the right one for me. When I had concerns he was very patient and explained things so that I could understand them. I would definitely recommend Mr. Clem to anyone needing to find insurance for themselves or their family.”

Shannon Arnold

“Casey is experienced in helping you find the best policy for your needs. Very professional and really caring for the people he helps. Casey and his team will take great care of you. Highly recommend it.”

Timothy Hamilton

” Casey helped me get a better plan with better coverage! If you need an agent, Casey is a good one!”

Elizabeth Patterson

“Casey helped me get more coverage for less money. He was very knowledgeable about all the options available and helped me pick the right plan. Thanks, Clem Insurance Group!”

Janice Rucks

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